Cheap Parcel Delivery

Parcel Delivery

The sending of parcels

Want to send last minute packages to friends? The good news is that you can even have the goods delivered to your doorstep. In addition, reducing shipping costs is very important for small businesses and individuals. In fact, proper packaging of items is very important to ensure travel safety. If your goods are insufficiently packed and damaged, any compensation provided for in our service will be invalid. Now you can know everything you need about cheap parcel delivery. Follow this guide to make the best choices and get advice.


Most of us instinctively associate the need to send packages with the post. However, the Internet is an ideal choice for price conscious people. Over the years, the cost of express services has fallen, making them accessible to everyone.

Criterias to consider a parcel considered as a package

Improper packaging can invalidate postal insurance and claims, so please pack your goods properly. You never know how much will be thrown away in transit, so please take the following precautions:

The measurements

When you get a quote, please make sure you measure and weigh the package accurately. If the latter is greater than or equal to the specified weight, a supplement may be required. Also, when the size limit is exceeded, it may not fit the courier company's sorter and may be damaged or even returned to you.

If you try to send an item over 31.5 kg, it may not be accepted because safety guidelines mean that items of that weight must be carried by at least two people. This means that you might need professional services. These services can be provided but generally cost more.

There are also precautions for international transport. Sometimes the cost of international shipping can be calculated based on density. This is because volumetric weight is usually calculated by multiplying length by height and width (all in centimeters) divided by 5000. This gives volumetric weight in kilograms.

Prohibited and "uncompensated" items

The carrier has listed the prohibited items that they will not deliver, so your items can be inspected upon pickup. Therefore, it is wise to open the top of the box until it is checked.

Fragile items such as China are usually only delivered without compensation by economy express services. Therefore, if they are of value, please move elsewhere.

Packing materials

All good packaging requires common sense. For this you need to wrap the delicate items in bubble wrap and use free cardboard boxes provided by supermarkets.

If you run out of bubble wrap or it is not very delicate, please use a screwed notepad. Some people even recommend using loose kernels of corn, cooking without oil, and then cooling. However, if you are sending international mail, be aware that some countries have strict controls on imported food.

When you live near a large post office, please ask for packing materials. There are reports on the forum that special plastic bags are provided free of charge. Some existing websites also provide helpful advice on how to pack items securely.

The type of delivery

The courier service allows you to complete the reservation form for each mailbox you send. These can usually be done online or downloaded from the Internet and printed. If the form is not correctly completed, the claim may be invalid.

It is only for international shipments to send any item abroad, for tax purposes you need to fill out a more detailed form. It's very simple, but if you fill in incorrectly, customs may delay the package, so please be careful.

Delivery time

It sounds obvious, but make sure you can participate all day. If you miss it, you may need to pay it back.

Most couriers will try to make about three deliveries to the destination address before returning the item to sender, but will always recheck. Also, be sure to include the return address if there is a problem.

What to check before sending

Before buying, make sure you have read the following key warnings.

If the package is lost, you have very few rights

Although you are using a large courier company, sometimes packages get lost. Just because you complete the transaction through a discount store shouldn't increase your chances of doing so. Please think twice before sending irreplaceable items (and consider purchasing insurance).

If the worst happens, it can be a bit painful, as you have to go to an intermediate store first. The company must provide you with the primary carrier's claim form. It is up to them to decide if there are any questions. Sometimes they are understaffed, so we have to step up our efforts. Weigh it before you decide what to do.

What if these companies go bankrupt?

If one of these intermediary companies goes bankrupt after placing an order, as long as your order has been passed to the main carrier, it may not have much impact. However, this situation usually occurs within hours of placing the order.

However, if your package does not arrive or is damaged in transit, you may not be able to make a claim as this must be done through the account holder.

As with all parcel delivery services, unexpected issues can arise, so this is the best balance of lowest price and reputation you know.

The basis about service

The service you get is the same as that you benefit directly. However, we have seen negative feedback from MoneySavers as some express remittance services can be slow to respond to inquiries and settle claims.

This is usually not what you want to try. They are small businesses and it is difficult to keep top priority during peak periods. It is therefore a balance between price and service. It is a decision that you have to make, depending on what is sent.

Remember to check the delivery company

Finally, make sure you only contact the delivery companies that you've heard of and are happy to use. If the difference is only a few cents, it might be better to go with the reputation of the established business rather than an unfamiliar name.

The different parcel delivery companies

Of course, the situation varies from company to company, so please check first as some may offer larger sizes. If your package exceeds these dimensions, you may need to use a professional courier. Some services are also billed by volume.


The volumetric weight of goods is a calculation that reflects the packaging density. Less dense items generally take up more space compared to their actual weight. Calculate the dimensional weight or dimensional weight and compare it to the actual weight of each piece in the shipment to determine which is higher; the higher weight is used to calculate the total shipping cost.

In order to be consistent with the advanced design and technology of today's aircraft, DHL Express needs to adopt new calculation methods to efficiently use cargo space and avoid overcrowding. In this way, we can better simplify operations and in doing so bring the benefits of space saving back to customers.

The plan will also encourage shippers to increase packaging efficiency by using more compact and environmentally friendly packaging, thereby reducing shipping volume and transportation costs. DHL Express has updated its shipping volume calculations in response to efforts to standardize volume weight calculations for low density packaging.


The dimensional weight is based on the volume (the space occupied by the package compared to its actual weight). If the cubic size of the FedEx Ground Parcel is three cubic feet (5,184 cubic inches or 84,951 cubic centimeters) or more, you will be charged the greater volumetric or actual weight. The packaging weighs 150 pounds. Businesses (68 kg) or less with a length and girth greater than 130 inches (330 cm) will be classified as extra large packages by FedEx Ground.

The total length and circumference of all packages must not exceed 165 inches (419 cm). Each package over 130 inches (330 cm) in length and circumference will also be charged an additional rate of $ 30 per package. Shipping charges for packages less than three cubic feet are calculated based on actual weight.

To determine if the dimensional weight is suitable for your packaging, please follow the steps below:

  • Step 1

The cost of transport can be estimated based on the volume weight (standard size). The dimensional weight price applies to each package. The latter is calculated by multiplying the length of each package by the width and height. If the total is 3 cubic feet (5,184 cubic inches or 84,951 cubic centimeters) or more, divide by 166 (multiplied by inches) or 6,000 (in centimeters). If the total amount is less than 5,184 cubic inches or 84,951 cubic centimeters, the dimensional weight does not apply. For more details, please refer to the Dimensions and Weight instructions in the FedEx Ground Fees Guide. If the dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight, the cost based on the dimensional weight will be assessed.

  • 2nd step

Divide the cube size by 166 (in inches) or 6,000 (in centimeters) and round to the nearest whole number. This is the dimensional weight of the package.

  • Step 3

Compare this number with the actual weight of the package. Price of your shipment based on the higher of the two values.


Regarding the maximum weight, when shipping to the UK you can send a package not exceeding 30 kg. There is no maximum weight for multiple shipments. However, the weight of each package must not exceed 30 kg.

Regarding weight restrictions for international destinations, standard parcel delivery services, the sum of the size, length and girth of each parcel should not exceed 3 meters. Likewise, the maximum length is 1.5 meters.


UPS has specific weight and size limits for the packages you send with all UPS services. The following restrictions only apply to one package. There is no limit to the total weight of the goods or the number of packages. Goods larger than the following restrictions will need to use our UPS freight service or UPS Worldwide Express FreightSM.

  • The package can weigh up to 150 pounds.
  • The sum of the maximum length and circumference of the package is 165 inches.
  • The Maximum package length is 108 inches.
  • Packages with a large size-to-weight ratio require special price and size-to-weight calculations.

You should be aware that packages exceeding the UPS weight and size limits will be charged additional charges. The restrictions listed above apply to most packages and destinations. However, they vary due to local restrictions in some countries.


When sending a package, you should remember the following points.

  • Packing instructions

Always make sure that the packaging is strong enough to withstand rough handling and suitable for transport.

  • Not included in transport

We will not transport some products. These include live animals, weapons and particularly valuable products such as precious metals and precious stones.

  • Weight and dimensions

The maximum weight of the package is 31.5 kg. The size (circumference + longest side) must not exceed 3 meters for your package. Are you worried that the package size is incorrect? Then use the DPD size calculator. With this tool, you can immediately see the difference between the parcels sent to or from the leather parcel store. In addition, you will get an idea about the difference between packages that did not go through the leather package store.

Taking out insurance

Customers expect their orders to arrive on time and in good condition. However, there are many factors that affect transportation that are beyond your control, such as:

  • bad weather conditions
  • excessive stress on the carrier
  • improper handling of packages during travel...

For any business that delivers product, there are many reasons to make sure that shipping is the right way. Whether you specialize in e-commerce or freight project, this is just one of the services you provide. Therefore, there are many advantages to insuring the goods.

Reasons why you need package transportation insurance

We can give mainly 5 reasons for this.

Even the most famous shipping companies have failed

In most cases, you can trust carriers like UPS and FedEx to deliver packages on time, but even these companies have less than 100% success rates. In fact, during the holidays of 2013, FedEx's on-time delivery rate was only 83%. The remaining 17% of packages were delayed or permanently lost. With proper insurance, in this case, you can compensate the buyer for your business for free. Of course, you can complete shipping insurance through USPS, but it can quickly get expensive. When it comes to transport insurance costs, you have many options.

1 in 10 packages is in poor packaging condition

Depending on the company you use to ship the product, 7% to 11% of packages are in poor condition. Therefore, the protection of your property is very important for the benefit of businesses and customers.

Simplified international transport

If you are not sure whether you can trust an import agency in another country, it is difficult to enter a new market. Every package has to go through customs, but careless or corrupt officials can prevent this from happening.

If your package goes through customs, it still has to reach the customer's door. If you are using an international freight company, the problem is not that big, but it will still be problematic. In many cases, the national transport company signs a contract with a local third-party transport company to make the final delivery after customs clearance. However, if you rely on USPS, you have to trust the local Postal Service to do the job, and other international post offices are much less reliable than USPS. In both cases, transport insurance can offer you a full service.

It covers the packages with the highest prices

When you mail a package, you automatically get $ 100 insurance. If the value of a product exceeds this amount, you are responsible for making up the difference to compensate the buyer. On the other hand, with high value transportation insurance, you can insure anything of any value at a fraction of the value, including extremely expensive items.

You will rest assured

When you provide transportation, you no longer have to worry about the package after you deliver the package to the carrier. The buyer will receive the product in perfect condition and on time, otherwise he will be compensated. If there are any problems, it will not lead to unforeseen expenses for your business and you will not lose valuable customers either. Depending on who you are guaranteeing, some companies will provide insurance for the invoice amount, which means that even with a loss, you can still achieve the sales and profit you expect.

The importance of insurance

Much depends on who you book and which courier you choose. Since you will get the same price as the full price service from the courier company when you book through the discount express comparison service, you should have the same protection as if you book directly with them. As the example above shows, the amount of insurance you get is different, so be sure to check.

You can usually get additional coverage through discount express comparison services, but you have to pay a small fee. If you are concerned that your coverage is not enough, it may be worth increasing. Before you buy, be sure to check all policy exclusions to make sure your products are covered. However, if you would like to pay for the extra protection, please make sure it is on the order confirmation.

You can now make the best choice for your plan. Follow what is mentioned on this guide to be sure of your service.